Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Hint of Fall

We've just gotten our first cold front of the season! The lows dipped into the mid 60s last night and much of the humidity is gone. Today has been a beautiful day! When we left for church this morning Vince said it was zero degrees he was so cold! (and it was actually 68 and sunny) Savannah let Coco out this morning and was so excited that there was a chill in the air-she said, "Finally, after two years in Florida, we have Autumn!"

The kids sang in church this morning. It's a song they have been working on for the past month or so in Sunday School and Wednesday night Fellowship. They did a great job, Vince was front row center (in the red t-shirt). Savannah was on the back row, on the left side. She was playing the "full morrocas". I think that she and Vince both want to try out for the Christmas Program that will be on Christmas Eve; in addition, she is eligible to join the confirmation class in December and join the church in the spring once she finishes the class.

The kids are adjusted to school-it's hard to believe that Vince is a first grader and Savannah is in fifth grade. I can't believe that she will be in Middle School next year! Savannah has joined her Odyssey of the Mind team again and Vince has chosen to participate in Cub Scouts.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sermonette from Savannah

Savannah was one of three children who gave a short sermon on one of the scriptures that they studied in Vacation Bible School this past week. She has loved coming to Sardis Presbyterian for VBS for the past six years and enjoys seeing her friends each year.

Vacation Bible School And Charlotte

 We have enjoyed our week with G-Mama and cousins Robert and Wilson. We spent our mornings at Vacation Bible School at Sardis Presbyterian, and our afternoons hanging out at home (mostly) and enjoying impromptu jam sessions on their homemade instruments, watching Wipeout episodes and transforming those 5 gallon buckets that were drums the day before to obstacles in their backyard Wipeout reinactments! Friday afternoon I took the boys to see the new Planes Fire and Rescue movie and they enjoyed that. Thursday afternoon the kids and I drove to Newton, NC to visit Great Granddaddy and the kids loved seeing him and playing in the backyard. the kids are going to visit Nana and Grandaddy for the week, then I will pick them back up on Friday to head back to Southwest Florida. I think August 18 will be here before we know it and they will be starting 5th grade and 1st grade! I have been able to get lots of back to school shopping completed while I have been in North Carolina. I am hoping that the only thing left to buy will be the class school supplies.

Robert, Wilson, and Vince enjoyed the blow up sprinkler ball in G-Mama's front yard one afternoon

Savannah about to do an art project at Vacation Bible School on Thursday morning

Coco enjoyed her time with Hal and Mark's golden retrievers. They would growl at her and she would lick their teeth. I think one of them finally snapped and she quit harassing them!

Vince and Wilson hanging out on the front porch of the Duke Mansion. My sister in law is working on a landscape architecture project there.

Uncle John always seems to have lollipops and other candy hidden in his sleeves and socks when he arrives!

Hal and Mark gave Jewell some Chapel Hill Vodka for her birthday. They all tasted it and said it wasn't very good.
Homemade Orange Crunch Cake, similar to the Bubble Room in Captiva. It was a hit!

Vince rocking out with his bandmates. Their set included Family Tradition by Hank Williams Jr.
Rockstar Wilson!

He looks more like Conway Twitty singing "Hello Darlin'...." in this picture
Vince was dressed and ready for church in his new "fancy" shorts and new tennis shoes.
Savannah in some of her new clothes before church

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy July 4th!

Savannah's flight to Washington, DC went well. She was a little apprehensive about flying alone, but I think once she was settled in she did just fine. I was able to go all the way to the gate with her and I watched them walk her down the walkway to the plane and Jewell was in DC at the gate when she got off. I love it when a good plan comes together! They enjoyed three days in Washington DC and toured the Capitol, The White House, saw the fireworks from the hotel room, toured the Newseum, did a bus tour of the city, went to the zoo, and some other things too! They took the train from DC to NYC and have just gotten settled in there. They will spend the week there and see several plays and do some tours. I look forward to seeing her next week and hearing all about it!

Since Savannah was doing a pretty cool trip, we figured that Vince might like to do something too. We booked a last minute room on Marco Island and Vince was glad that the pool had a slide and especially liked the arcade (even though we only spend a couple of dollars in there). He tried several different foods off the buffet (as he now refers to it, the buff), but his favorite meal there was from McDonald's! We enjoyed the fireworks from our balcony and spent some time reading and watching the waves roll in. It was our first time to Marco and we really enjoyed it. I think we would like to go back when it's not a peak weekend.